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The Louisville Business Network is an exclusive representation group, meaning that only one business per category is allowed, to guarantee quality referrals. To see what business categories are already represented in the group, please visit our membership list on the Member page. Interested members may attend two meetings for FREE before they are required to submit a membership application. The Louisville Business Network meets every Thursday from 8:30-9:30am in the Louisville Alfalfas Community Room. To see the complete schedule of upcoming meetings, click the link below to view on


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Louisville Business Network Bylaws


Mission Statement

The purpose of Louisville Business Network is to enhance the growth of member's businesses by providing quality business referrals or leads. We also provide a forum for discussing issues which small business owners commonly encounter, and may pool resources for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Members meet weekly to pass leads, give short introductions to their businesses, and discuss business topics. Each week there is a key speaker, who presents his/her business in detail.

A member is guaranteed exclusive representation of one product or service category.

When and Where

Louisville Business Network meets every Thursday from 8:30-9:30am in the Louisville Alfalfa's Community Room.


We welcome any business representative who is interested in empowering networking and lead generation.

Only one member may represent each business category. Competing businesses will not be admitted, nor will a guest be permitted to present themselves in conflict with an existing member category.

Prospective members may attend up to two meetings as a guest. If the guest is interested in joining he/she should complete a membership application form.

Meeting Agenda

8:30-8:40am: Networking

8:40-8:50am: Commercials. Each member and guest will have the opportunity to stand and deliver a short commercial about his/her business.

8:50-9:25am: Key Speaker(s). One or more members will speak to present his/her business in greater detail.

9:25-9:30am: Other business. This time is used for other business, voting, testimonials, upcoming events, etc.


Membership dues are $30 per calendar quarter, to be paid by April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, and January 15th as appropriate. Membership may be terminated if dues are not paid in full and on time.

New members will be charged $10 per month or part thereof from the date that they join, plus the subsequent quarter.

Membership dues are non-refundable. We currently charge by Venmo. Checks should be made payable to Louisville Business Network.


One of the primary purposes of Louisville Business Network is to pass leads in order to generate new business for members. There is no defined minimum for the number of leads that a member must pass, though the Committee may revoke membership if a good faith effort is not made.

Leads will be tracked on the Leads Sheet, which is passed around the table at each meeting. Members should write down any new leads on this sheet.

Generally a qualified lead (which should include name and phone number) is defined as a referral of a business or individual that is actively interested in the product or service provided by the member, and who is expecting contact. However, it is entirely up to each member to define what they consider a lead. In the case of a financial planner, an introduction to a new client might be considered a single lead, even though the client makes monthly payments. However, multiple trips to a dentist might each be considered a unique lead. Another example might be a member running a seminar who states that the seminar attendees would be considered a lead.

Presentation Schedule

On an approximate rotation, the Presentation Coordinator will schedule members of good standing to be the Key Speaker at an upcoming meeting. Speakers should have at least three weeks' notice of their opportunity to be the Key Speaker.

The Committee has the authority to modify the format, and to change the number of speeches and length of presentations.


Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be sold.

Any member may terminate his/her membership by providing written intention of his/her decision to terminate, though any outstanding dues must still be paid.

The committee can decide to terminate any membership for reasons of indebtedness, poor attendance, failure to abide by the Bylaws of Louisville Business Network, any conduct that bring Louisville Business Network into disrepute, any conduct that brings another member into disrepute, or any personal or professional misconduct.


Louisville Business Network is for active business professionals. All members are required to attend as regularly as possible. Arriving after 8:45am is counted as an absence. If a member is unable to attend, he/she may have a suitable substitute attend instead, up to a maximum of four times per calendar quarter. Substitutes cannot hold a position on the committee. The substitute has no voting rights.

Should a member fail to attend (or provide a substitute) four or more meetings in any calendar quarter, the committee will decide whether that member should be terminated.

Voting on New Members

All members in good standing may take part in the written vote. There will be no voting by proxy. Twenty percent (20% rounded up) "no" votes shall be sufficient to deny an applicant membership. Should the Committee determine that any "no" vote was unwarranted, then that "no" vote can be declared void, without the need to re-vote.

Should two or more guests apply for the same position within a two-week period, they will be invited back to the start of the third meeting (when the voting takes place). Instead of the key speaker for the week (the coordinator will reschedule this) the conflicting guests will be given the opportunity to speak and present their businesses in more detail. They will be asked to leave prior to the vote, where the person receiving the majority of the votes will become the member.


The Louisville Business Network Committee will consist of the following individuals:

  • Moderator: Moderates the meetings, setting the time to stay within the Agenda. The Moderator also introduces new ideas, runs any votes, manages the Committee, and so on.
  • Treasurer: Keeps track of funds, provides invoices and/or receipts for quarterly dues, and ensures that dues are paid in a timely manner.
  • Secretary: Is responsible for tracking attendance. The Secretary also maintains the Leads Sheet, tracks leads, closed business, etc.
  • Presentation Coordinator: Organizes and maintains the Speaker schedule. Keeps time during commercials and speakers. Organizes any alternative format meetings.
  • Membership Coordinator: Is responsible for ensuring that new members understand the membership process, providing copies of Membership Application & Bylaws, and is the contact person for potential member category conflicts.

Should a Committee member not be available for a meeting, they must ensure that an alternate member is assigned to carry out their duties in their absence. The alternative member carries out the appropriate duties during the meeting but is not considered a voting Committee member.

Committee members will hold their position for a period of twelve months, starting on the first meeting in April and finishing on the last meeting in March. Any member may stand for any position by proposing themselves by the end of the first meeting in March. Existing Committee members may propose themselves for the same or any other Committee position. The membership will be informed of the new Committee at the second meeting in March. In situations where multiple members are standing for the same Committee position, all members will vote in writing at this meeting. The member receiving the majority vote will become the Committee member.

At the discretion of the Moderator, the Committee may stay on after the first meeting of each month to discuss any additional Committee business.


The Louisville Business Network Bylaws can be changed at any time by a majority vote of the current Committee members.